Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO)

The Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO) is designed to measure how faculty, staff, and students consider library and computing services at Champlain College. Its objectives include finding services and resources that can benefit students and ensure delivery from faculty; communicating with members and communities within the college; ensuring that students, faculty, and staff are familiar with campus-wide technologies and services; and analyzing programs, skills, and sources used campus-wide to perform tasks.

It analyzes student input about the importance and satisfaction of library and computer services around campus, including group study spaces, quiet study spaces, database collections, and overall service of the library.

At Champlain College, the MISO survey is conducted in rotation with the SSI Noel-Levitz Survey and the NSSE Survey; it has been offered during the following years: 2010, 2014, and 2016.

The survey tries to answer the following questions to improve the satisfaction of graduate and undergraduate students with library services:

  • How do graduate students currently give the library feedback on services and how can it be improved?
  • How can the library better integrate information literacy into graduate program curricula?
  • How can the eBook collection be made more relevant to each graduate program?
  • Is the library scaling down its physical resources for graduate programs? If not, can those resources be used elsewhere?
  • What do graduate students value about the library's website specifically? How can those design components be utilized in other online resources?
  • How would an improved library discovery service improve the online experience for graduate students?

View past years' MISO Reports (internal):