English Language Tutoring

Champlain College provides its multilingual learners with English language support to facilitate navigatation of classroom content and encourage participation and confidence in classroom discussions and group projects. Through student-centered learning offered one-on-one, in small groups, and online tutorials, the EL Coach will support success in the four language domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The English Language Coach can help you . . . 

  • Process, interpret, and evaluate language in a variety of situations
  • Effectively and efficiently articulate ideas in spoken and written language
  • Approach content-based language with greater understanding, providing opportunities for fluency development
  • Ask questions which demonstrate a deeper appreciation for content
  • Collaborate with native English speaking peers inside and out of the classroom
  • Participate in extracurricular activities to help build a sense of community
  • Serve as an advocate for self and others, recognizing that language learning is a lifelong process for all languages, even birth languages
  • Experience a safe and supportive learning environment for speakers of multiple languages

Student-Centered Learning

The goal of the EL Coaching program is to reach out to all multilingual members of the Champlain College community, offering them individual and small-group tutorials based on a student-centered model. This model will empower students by strengthening their  English language capabilities. Every effort to accommodate the unique needs of each student will be made, and the EL Coach will act as a facilitator for inclusivity by being a consistent contact.

Scheduling Appointments

Students may schedule appointments with the EL Coach online and are asked (if possible) to share the nature of their work and/or concerns in advance, so the Coach will know how to best prepare for the meeting. 

Find Support

In addition to working with the EL Coach to acquire greater fluency in the English language, English language learners are also encouraged to work with the Writing Center; the Programming, Accounting, and Math labs; and Academic Coaches to take advantage of the full array of support Champlain provides.

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Miller Information Commons (Library), 2nd Floor, Room 209