Academic (Business) Continuity

Canvas is the College's new LMS and all on-campus courses will be supported by Canvas starting Fall 2013. As part of the College's Academic Continuity requirements, all on-campus instructors must prepare their Canvas course shells prior to the start of the semester to facilitate the transition to online teaching should an extended physical campus closure occur. If you have not yet participated in a Canvas training session, please log into our online training course Intro to Canvas for On-Campus Faculty to get information on upcoming workshops or to view the self-paced tutorials (click on "Modules" to get started).

Below are things that each faculty member must do, as well as suggestions for additional ways to complement on-campus classes using Canvas.

Faculty requirements:

  1. Upload your course syllabus (Click here for Instructions). NOTE: this is how the College will now collect and store your syllabi.
  2. Engage with each class in at least one virtual activity during the first two weeks of the semester. Many instructors choose to use an online discussion forum. (Every on-campus course shell already has an introductory discussion located in the Course Overview module. You may choose to use that discussion or create your own.)
  3. Be prepared to contact all students and continue the class in an online environment. We suggest posting a course announcement as part of your initial activity. (Click here for Instructions)

Additional ways to use Canvas:

  1. Adding other content, such as lecture materials, supplemental readings, assessments, web links, discussions, and assignment dropboxes. NOTE: Instructions for how to add content can be found in the online training course. If you need assistance, please contact as soon as possible.
  2. Using the Canvas gradebook, which students have asked faculty to do in recent focus groups. To learn more about setting up your gradebook, please attend a training session, study the online training course, or contact us for one-on-one assistance.

NOTE: If you will be teaching multiple sections of the same course, you might consider combining the sections into a single course shell. The advantage of cross-listing your sections into one shell is that you will only have to post or update content in one place. Students will be identified by their section number in the course roster. Please contact us if you'd like us to cross-list your courses or if you'd like more information about the pros and cons of this approach.

If you have any questions about what you see in the training course or would like to learn more about what you can do in Canvas, please don't hesitate to contact

Click here for more information about eLearning and Canvas.