Self-Directed Teaching Modules

Instructional Practice Modules

Self-directed modules are available on Canvas (Champlain College network access required). These modules are designed to help you investigate the hows and whys of teaching in order to discover the best instructional practices for you, your discipline, and your students. These first three modules form the Foundation Series.

Feel free to view or participate in any of the modules. They are located in the Foundation Series folder in the Modules tab section. While the modules are presented in a logical order, they can be "done" in any order you choose. Any work you post is viewable by all faculty members who visit this site. Please post as little or as much as you choose. 


Module 1: Purpose, Expectations, & Evaluation
Module 2: Student Centered Learning
Module 3: Classroom Management & Learning Environment
There is also a Series Project that you can do if you'd like to apply your learning.


These modules cover the classroom experience:
Course Purpose → Class Session Purpose → Learning Activity Purpose → Learning Environment - Academic Expectations → Learning Environment - Behavioral Expectations → Student Learning → Student Performance →Evaluation → (Your) Reflection & Assessment