Campus Space

Space is an integral resource for the campus community. The allocation of space should optimize the use of this resource and advance the mission and strategic priorities of the college. The Campus Space Advisory Committee (CSAC) evaluates requests for and changes to campus spaces and makes recommendations to the Acting Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President, Finance & Treasurer.

Campus Space Advisory Committee

The Campus Space Advisory Committee is an advisory committee. The CSAC will review all campus space requests, including reevaluating space usage changes. The first step is meeting with your Department Supervisor or Division Dean for their feedback and support. Student(s) requesting space must go through the Dean of Students. The next step is gathering the necessary information and completing the Space Request Form. CSAC holds meetings towards the end of each month. We ask that you submit your proposal by the 15th of the month for consideration at that month's meeting.

Priority is given to proposals that:

  • Support educational practices and student and employee wellbeing
  • Promote cross-departmental collaboration and flexible-use College spaces
  • Ensure efficient use of space on campus
  • Support financial sustainability
  • Create and maintain innovative, inviting spaces

The committee will discuss potential space allocation changes, identify the broader effects of those changes on the Champlain community, and research costs. Those making the request, along with identified stakeholders, may be invited to meet with the CSAC to discuss the proposal and ensure there is a full understanding of the request. The Committee will make written recommendations to the Acting Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President, Finance & Treasurer who make the final decision.

If you have questions, or would like to have a preliminary conversation with CSAC members before submitting a proposal, please contact:

Campus Space Advisory Committee Members

  • Kevin Andrews, Information Systems
  • Nic Anderson, Auxiliary Services
  • Tara Arneson, Registrar's Office
  • Susannah Eriksson, Co-Facilitator,CSAC
  • Sue Lindberg, Event Center
  • Kellie Nadeau, Academic Affairs
  • Kathy Seiler, Faculty Senate President or designee
  • Nick Spaziani, Co-Facilitator, CSAC
  • Timothy Van Woert, Physical Plant
  • Susan Waryck, Student Affairs
  • Kate Wheeler, Events and Auxiliary Services