Update on Campus Space Requests

Up until recently, there were two "campus space" committees at the College that oversaw space requests.  One, the Academic Space Advisory Committee; and the other was the Institutional Space Committee.  They have now been consolidated into "The Campus Space Advisory Committee."

Download the Campus Space Request Process and the Space Request Form here.

For convenience, the process is as follows:

Space is a central resource to the campus. The allocation of space is conducted in a consistent manner designed to optimize the use of this resource and to advance the mission and strategic priorities of the college.

The Campus Space Advisory Committee will review all campus space requests*, including reevaluating space usage changes. The first step is completing a "Space Request Form" that must be vetted through your Department/Division and then submitted by your Director/Dean to the Committee.  Student(s) requesting space must go through Student Affairs.

Those making the request, along with identified stakeholders, will be invited to meet and discuss the proposal to ensure there is a full understanding of the request and any questions/concerns are addressed. The Committee will move their recommendations to the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academics and the Vice President, Finance & Treasurer for a final decision. When appropriate they will also be reviewed by the President's Cabinet. The Committee will then loop back to the requestor with an update/decision.

The Campus Space Request Form must be filled out and sent in for all requests. Please click here to access the form. All space requests will be sent to the campusspace@champlain.edu

Campus Space Advisory Committee Members:

Jo Corrow    Co-Facilitator, Provost's Office
Kevin Andrews Information Systems
Tara Arneson Registrar's Office
Lynne Ballard Provost's Office/Registrar's Office
Angela Batista Student Affairs
Thomas Bonnette Physical Plant
Nicholas Spaziani  Registrar's Office

Committee Advisors:

Kathy Seiler    Faculty Senate President
Cheryl Casey  Faculty Senate VP 
Angela Batista Student Life

*this includes ALL institutional space, academics and non-academics.