Physical Plant

The Physical Plant department operates and maintains the physical infrastructure of our Burlington, Vermont campus. This group of dedicated professionals provides campus services such as electrical, moves plumbing, carpentry, mail delivery, painting, locksmithing, HVAC, maintenance, grounds keeping/landscaping and snow removal.

Use SchoolDude to Make Physical Plant Requests

If there is a physical problem in a building, a SchoolDude work request should be filled out by the Area Coordinator, the Senior Resident Assistant, or the RA. For faculty and staff, you may either submit a request through SchoolDude or ask your operations manager to do so.

Sometimes there are situations in a residence hall which cannot wait until a work request passes through the regular channels. A call to Physical Plant is appropriate in these cases, followed up by a SchoolDude work request.


Main Contact Physical Plant

Interim Physical Plant Manager - Tim Austin
phone: 802-865-6410

Interim Maintenance Manager - Darrin Pillsbury
phone: 802-885-5411

802-865-6465 - Campus Public Safety


40 Sears Lane
Burlington, Vermont