Q. I have questions about building date information, Historical Preservation list, geothermal timeline, accessibility, and other information

A. That information can be found here: FACTBOOK-CPAS

Q. Who do I contact with vending machine questions?

A. Kate Wheeler at cwheeler@champlain.edu or 651-5832.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about construction updates and building information?

A. Physical Plant at pplant@champlain.edu or 860-2750.

Q. What is the best way to request a repair, move, report a problem, or a cleaning issue?

A. Always put in a SchoolDude work order by going to the my.champlain.edu website. For faculty and staff, that link is available under Campus Info. For students, it is located under Resources and Tools. The link is labeled "Helpdesk & Physical Plant Support Requests." If you have an urgent need, contact the Physical Plant first at 860-2705, followed by the work order.

Q. Who do I contact with for SchoolDude operation assistance?

A. Kate Wheeler at cwheeler@champlain.edu or 651-5832.