Master Plan

Master planning is about making a roadmap for the future of a place. It's about deciding where you want to go and charting a path to get there. The Champlain College master plan was completed in March 2007. The planning process was an opportunity for students, faculty, administrators, and trustees to work together to identify a common vision for Champlain's future. It also provided opportunities for Champlain to build stronger relationships with neighbors, institutions, and with city officials.




The vision of this master plan is to support Champlain's future growth as a flexible, desirable, and attractive institution without negatively impacting either the residential and historic character or the high quality of life on The Hill.


  • Fulfill the City of Burlington's request that the college create a campus master plan
  • Work with neighbors to find locally acceptable locations and approaches to growth
  • Provide a workable plan to house as many of Champlain's 2,000 traditional students as possible
  • Ensure that existing and planned college facilities are sufficient to accommodate Champlain's academic, student life, support, and physical plant needs for the foreseeable future
  • Help strengthen a great neighborhood
  • Match facilities to vision (traditional full-time enrollment of 2,000 students)
  • Enhance undergraduate experience - academic and residential programs
  • Create a place that expresses the mission
  • Put near-term decisions in a mid-and long-term framework
  • Develop implementation strategies to achieve mission
  • Condition of permit
  • Answer the question of "what is next"
  • Embrace sustainability
  • Build an aesthetically pleasing campus
  • Improve pedestrian and traffic sensitivity
  • Create a neighbor supported plan for the future
  • Support Champlain's community of learning