What's Happening

Three Month Look-Ahead- Summer Projects


Update May 10, 2017

Our summer project list is filled up and we are ready to roll. Along with our normal yearly maintenance and upgrades we have a few other projects taking place.

Joyce Hall 2nd and 3rd Floor Renovation.

You will return to new interiors for 14 classrooms, including two new labs. Exterior work is also happening as well as updated HVAC. This work will commence May 8 and will be completed this summer.

Whiting Hall Health Center Expansion.

The Health Center will be expanding into the lower floor residential hall area to add some space needs. This work will commence May 23 and will be completed this summer.

Summit Hall Roof Repair.

Summit Hall will receive a new roof this summer. Completed this summer- hopefully before July 1.

315 Maple Street.

The college will be leasing 315 Maple Street for student housing in the fall. Interior flooring and painting will take place to bring it up to our standards. Completed this summer.

CCM Faculty Office Addition.

We will be "dividing and conquering" to create an additional faculty office on the 4th floor. Completed this summer.

Wick Bullpen.

We will be dividing the bullpen to create offices for additional faculty. Completed this summer.

ODI Expansion.

We will be expanding and rehabbing the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to create a new space to better meet our needs.

Dining Hall Upgrade.

Redesign of the IDX Dining Hall to modernize the flow and offerings. Completed this summer over two phases.

As always the CPAS team is here to serve you, help solve problems and consult in any way we can.