Champlain College Data Cookbook (Coming Soon)

The College will be using a product called Data Cookbook to house our institutional data dictionary.

What is a Data Cookbook?  

It is a tool and resource for managing data and reporting that facilitates communication, collaboration, documentation and business processes.
It seamlessly integrates two key functions, making report creation methodical and systematic:

  1. Repository of information—so you understand the details behind the data being used

    • Business Glossary, Data Dictionary, term definitions (functional and technical)
    • Report library and report specifications
  1. Workflow—so you know the steps involved to create your report

    • Report and Data System Extract Specifications
    • Report Request/Change Workflow
    • Data Governance Workflow
    • Information Request Workflow

How will I access the Data Cookbook?

To learn more about how to access the Data Cookbook or to request login information, please email