Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whom do I contact with questions and assistance on my JP Morgan Visa Purchasing Card (p-card)?
A. Accounts Payable at 802-651-5983 or at Lost cards should be reported to BOTH Accounts Payable and to JP Morgan at 800-270-7760.

Q. How do I sign up to have my expense reimbursements direct deposited?
A. Contact Accounts Payable at 802-651-5983 or at Complete the EFT enrollment form received from Accounts Payable and return it to Finance Box 12. Emailing the form is not recommended. If you are enrolled in Direct Deposit for your paycheck and wish to use the same account, just write "see payroll" where the routing/account number fields are.

Q. How do I receive a travel advance?
A. In order to receive a travel advance, you and your supervisor/department head need to sign a pre-numbered request form. This is for the purpose of tracking advances. Call Accounts Payable at 802-651-5983 to request a form. Requests turned in  before noon on a Wednesday will be paid the same week.

Q. Do I need to do a budget transfer or a journal entry?
A. A journal entry is used to correct a transaction that was posted incorrectly to a budget, or to "Pay" another department for services. A budget transfer moves funds between a department's budget lines. Email for journal entry requests and for budget transfers

Q. What is the sales tax exemption and how do I find the form?
A. Champlain College is exempt from paying sales tax in the state of Vermont. You will need to present the Sales tax exemption form at the time of purchase for the tax exemption to be allowed. You can obtain the form here.