Grants at Champlain College

Grant Authorization Forms (GSAR & Budget Template)

Time and Effort Certification Form

Time and Effort Reporting Policy

What to Know Prior to Considering a Grant:

  • Champlain College has a grant process. If you are considering applying for a grant, please call or email Justin Cawley (865-8482, before applying for the grant.
  • Grants and related budgets must be approved by the College via a GSAR (Grant Submission Authorization Request Form) before they may be submitted. Generally, grant approval is based on the extent to which the proposal supports the College's strategic mission and the amount of College resources that may be needed during and after the implementation of the grant.
  • Except in extraordinary cases, the GSAR must be submitted 15 days prior to the grant deadline to allow all applicable personnel the time to review the proposal and budget and vet any questions.
  • Most grants will have reporting requirements to monitor whether the goals and objectives of the grant, as originally stated, were met. It's important to understand the grant's reporting requirements and whether they are achievable with other workload commitments.
  • Since grants have compliance regulations and are subject to audit, the Finance Department will work with the Program Director to ensure all audit requirements are met, as well as provide pre-award budget development review and post-award support.
  • Time (effort) spent on a grant typically needs to be documented and certified for the grant providers. It is the responsibility of the Project Director to ensure that effort is appropriately documented and the reported effort is accurate. Champlain College has a Time and Effort Reporting Policy.
  • Project Director needs to work with Champlain's Institutional Review Board (IRB) as needed.

Grant Roles and Responsibilities