Fiscal Year 2020 Strategic Budget Timeline


  • March 21 and 22: Finance team sends PBCS tool access to budget managers.

  • March 25- April 4: Trainings and drop-in sessions offered to budget managers.  Please look for meeting requests via Google calendar.

  • Week of April 8: Budget managers submit the budget form via PBCS to Vice Presidents(VPs) for review.

  • Week of April 22: VPs submit budgets via PBCS to Finance.

  • Mid/Late April: Budget requests are consolidated and provided to Cabinet.

  • April/May: Iterative process with Cabinet and other stakeholders to balance budget based on final projected revenue figure.

  • Early May: Assess enrollment compared to budgeted revenue.

  • June: Board of Trustees approves the budget.

  • Late June: Final budgets are communicated to each department.

  • Early July: FY20 budget is visible to budget managers.

*Timeline subject to change throughout the project

**Faculty and staff will have opportunities within the above timeline at various forums to provide feedback, input, and receive updates