Additional SBP Information

SBP Budget Model

Budgets are anchored in zero based budgeting and are created based on necessary activities that align to the strategic plan. Each department/division must identify, quantify, prioritize and justify each budget request.


  • Thorough review of needs
  • Proper allocation of limited resources


  • Investment of time
  • Complexity

Truths about SBP

  • Equity: Everyone uses the same format and gets the same attention creating a "level playing field"
  • Addition work: There will be an investment of time needed for this projects success.
  • Need vs Wants:
    • Financial resources are limited.
    • Shifts the lens to institutional
    • Eliminates reduction in budget because of spending and hoarding of budget through assurance funds can be reallocated when needed.
    • Requests reflect true needs for FY