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Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy

Director, Student Accounts


  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations of the Department
  • Cash Management
  • Audits related to Business Office Operations
  • Maintain Institutional Financial Policies and Procedures
Maureen Whitney

Maureen Whitney 

Associate Director, Student Accounts


  • Account Escalation- Tradational, CPS, truED, and Graduate Students
  • Manager 1098-T statement production
  • TouchNet Administrator 
Sue Garrow

Sue Garrow

Senior Representative, Student Accounts


  • Student Accounts Representative- Full-Time Students (Alpha P-Z)
  • Financial Aid Transmittals
  • Tuition Accounts Collection Agency Requisitions
  • TMS Payment Transmittals
  • Returned Checks & Rejected Payment Processing

Shelley Bernier

Shelley Bernier

Representative, Student Accounts


  • Student Accounts Representative- Full-Time Students (Alpha A-G)
  • Perkins Loan Representative  
  • Daily Bank Deposits
  • Perkins Loan Collection Agency Requisitions 
  • Coordinate Bi-Weekly Loan Letter Notifications
Tami Patnode

Tami Patnode

Sr. Accounting Specialist, Student Accounts


  • Full-Time Student Account Resolution (Alpha G-O)
  • Reconciliation of Bank Statements & Federal Aid Accounts
  • Title IV Refund Calculations & Datatel Updates
  • Student Refunds
  • Health Insurance Waiver Processing
  • Parking & Media Fines
Diane Byrnes

Diane Byrnes

Senior Representative, Student Accounts


  • CPS, truED, and Graduate Account Resolution (Alpha M-Z)
  • Inactive Account Resolution & Collection Agency Referrals
  • Sponsor Billing
Mikael Blanco

Mikael Blanco

Representative, Student Accounts


  • CPS, truED, and Graduate Account Resolution (Alpha A-G)
  • Cashier- Department Deposits
  • Embanet Reconciliation
  • CC Employee Tuition Form & Taxable Tuition Information
  • Rejected Payment Processing

Jesse Brigan

Representative, Student Accounts   


  • CPS, truED, and Graduate Account Resolution (Alpha H-M)
  • Tuition Reimbursement Statements
  • Other Duties as Assigned