Cost Estimating and Delivery

Estimating & Delivery:

Based on your budget and the quantity you provide, the production manager will estimate outside vendors’ costs (printing, media, mailing, etc.) and send you pricing for approval. You will be responsible for providing all mailing lists—titled to match the name of the project—and confirming delivery instructions. (Ideally, all lists are merged into one to reduce outside vendor charges to do this.) Upon approval of the project and the estimate, files will be sent to the vendor. If your project includes mailing, a postage invoice will be provided to you within five days of receiving your mailing list. You will need to arrange for postage to be received by the printer prior to the mail drop date. The production manager will then ensure proper delivery of the piece.


Once your job has been delivered, the invoice will be received by the Marketing Department, reconciled against the estimate and sent along to you for payment. Costs that are passed along to your department might include: printing, media, mailing services, postage, shipping/delivery, photo shoots for images that would only be used on your project (not those that we would typically use to market the College) and freelance costs for services we would not normally provide or cannot provide within a very specific time period. (Know that whenever possible we try to plan for projects and have the resources available in order not to pass along freelance charges.)