Primary Identity

Our identity system is made up of the Champlain College wordmark, a secondary graphic (the shield) and our motto "Let Us Dare." In order to accommodate a variety of needs and make the system accessible and easy to use, we've supplied a variety of lockups in both print and Web file formats, all of which can all be downloaded below.


Champlain College wordmark

Lockup Example

Champlain College lockup


Champlain College motto

Usage Rules Examples

In order for the College's visual identity to be recognizable and consistent we ask that you only use one of the supplied logo lockups without altering it in any way. If you have a need for a variation of our logo that isn't supplied in the suite you can contact our department for assistance.

Before applying any of the logos, please familiarize yourself with the usage rules below. Hover your mouse over the examples for an explanation.


Logo Usage and Rules

  • The Champlain College wordmark and motto should never be recreated or typeset. Only official logo files should be used in communications.
  • Likewise, do not alter the proportions of the identity marks or the spacing between its elements. (Please discard older versions of our logo where this is the case.)
  • Do not stretch, distort or recolor any of the logos. When possible use the color versions of all logos. If that's not possible we have provided black-and-white alternatives you may use.
  • Do not put the logos in a secondary shape or amend them with text, icons, other logos, dropshadows, outlines or any other type of graphic embellishments unless approved by the Marketing Department.
  • When addressing external audiences not familiar with Champlain College, the shield and/or the motto should always be accompanied by the Champlain College wordmark.
  • The shield should only exist one time on a single page. Do not use the wordmark/shield lockup with the motto/shield lockup.
  • When using the wordmark in conjunction with the motto and/or shield, they should flush align left with the wordmark at the top of the page and the motto and/or shield at the bottom.
  • Make sure the wordmark is always larger than the motto.