ChampRiders Cruise

Join us for a weekly bike ride to explore the nooks and crannies of our amazing City. Departing from the IDX parking lot, every Wednesday at 1:00pm, students and employees are welcome to turn up and come for a social cruise to enjoy the fresh air, socialize and network with others outside your normal groups, get some exercise and maybe visit a section of Burlington that you are unfamiliar with or have never seen.

Led by one of Champlain Colleges 'ChampRiders', it will be enlightening and fun with different routes each week. As the name suggests, it will be at cruising speeds. The ride will be approximately one (1) hour or less and we aim to take the safer, quieter and less hilly streets or bikepaths around campus and beyond.

Take out one of the 'ChampRides' bikeshare bikes, dust off your bike or just keep on rolling on your bike you commute on. The City of Burlington had a similar program last year. To get an idea of average distance, check out the routes they took here.

Champ Riders