Staff Competencies

For the past several years the Staff Professional Development Committee and the People Center have worked with staff to create a set of competencies to which Champlain College employees can aspire. These competencies, introduced at Staff Professional Development Day in June 2011, provide employees with a framework for assessing strengths and challenges, plotting career steps, aligning with College goals and devising professional development plans. This same framework will support the College's Professional Development University, DARE U.

Champlain College Staff Competencies

Achievement Orientation:

Focuses efforts on achieving high quality results consistent with the organization's goals while supporting the College's ethics and values. Deals with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise. Proposes solutions that further the objectives, priorities and vision of the organization. May generate viable, new approaches and solutions when applicable.


Works effectively in changing situations, and with diverse individuals and groups. Demonstrates flexibility in responding to changes and new opportunities. Remains focused in the face of ambiguity or strenuous demands.

Client Focus:

Provides excellent service to internal and/or external clients. Demonstrates "human touch" with students, alumni and other stakeholders. Consistently seeks ways to improve outcomes and enhance services and seeks to understand client needs.

Continuous Learning:

Identifies and addresses learning and development needs to enhance own performance. Stays abreast of developments within profession, including technology.

Critical Judgment:

Evaluates ideas and information while referring to objective criteria to reach rational conclusions. Understands and processes complex information and exercises sound judgment, considering the situation, the issues, the key players, and levels of authority involved.

Diversity and Intercultural Understanding:

Fosters and promotes diversity within the organization. Develops capability to accurately understand and adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities.

Teamwork and Inclusion:

Listens to others and communicates articulately, fostering open communication. Works respectfully and collaboratively with others to achieve results - creates the "human touch." Promotes a safe and inclusive environment that provides for the open exchange of ideas. Establishes, sustains and fosters professional relationships.