John Lavallee Innovation Award

Congratulations to those who won the John Lavallee Innovation Award. The 2020 recipients include: Becky Colley, Cooper Fellows, Sonya Krakoff, Marianna Nowacki, Bridget Calacci, Marcelle Langan, Molly Tuthill, Brian Andrews, Leandre Waldo, Rob Ticho, Kaylee Sullivan, Meghan Haley, and Melissa Marcello for their work as The Champlain College Online website team. 

The John Lavallee Innovation Award annually recognizes the person or group of people behind a technology solution, process improvement or innovation effort that has had a significant, positive impact for the College. These positive impacts may come from faculty or staff, as they are both eligible for being nominated, and can touch any part of Champlain College. Consideration will be given to a variety of innovations using as broad and inclusive a definition of positive impact as possible. Please note only current employees may be recipients of this award.

To nominate someone please go to the Nominations page.

Presented at the annual Recognition Luncheon in May.

Previous Award Recipients:


The Champlain 2025 Strategic Plan

Valerie Esposito

Diana Matot

Noah Goldblatt

Sarah Jerger

Becky Colley

Jennifer Nicholls

Tom Myers

Kristi Jovell

Leandre Waldo

Ellen Zeman

Sandy Yusen

Laurel Bongiorno


Salesforce/TargetX implementation for Traditional Undergraduate and Champlain College Online recruitment

Meghan Daly

Melissa Marcello

Marianna Nowacki

Ellie Denton

Meghan Haley

Leandre Waldo

Hannah Rounds

Karen Heil

Ginger Pressey

Chris Perlongo

Jen Perlee

Cooper Fellows


New Campus Visit Experience

Veronica Lewis

Meghan Haley

Cooper Fellows

Ginger Pressey

Diana Matot

Sue Chamberlain

Brian Andrews

Marcelle Langan

Leandre Waldo

Jovan Ellis

Chris Perlongo


Cheryl Casey

Kellie Nadeau

Ellen Zeman

Tara Arneson

Josh Blumbert

Linda Goodrum


Make a Change / You Are Not Alone game

Amanda Crispel

Champlain Futures Initiative

Jen Sweeney

Leslie Averill

Virtualization software infrastructure (VMWare)

Wayne Buttles

Matt Surprenant


Workday implementation team: 

Wayne Buttles

Leslie Carew

Tammy Carroll

Jo Corrow

Debra Dayman

Andrew Dubuque

John Earp

Julie Eldred

Susannah Eriksson

Linda Goodrum

Jackie Greer

Jonathan Hebert

Christine Hutchins

Katie LeClair

Chris North

April O'Dell

Roland Palmer

Susan Paquette

Jen Perlee

Jean-Marie Severance

Amy St. Louis

Michelle Veladota


College website project

Brian Andrews

Julia Caminiti

Abbie Clark

Meghan Haley

Matt Huwiler

Marcelle Langan

Nichole Magoon

Dan Selicaro

Teaching Librarians

Andrew Burkahrdt

Alan Carbery

Sean Leahy

Paulo Olson

Brenda Racht

Lindsay Rae


ImageNow project

Jen Perlee

Kenzie Bruzo