Filling an Open Position

Newly Established Position:

Filling an Open PositionAll new positions need to go through a job classification process. The first step in the job classification process is to complete a job description; please use the form below. Once the job description is completed, please send to Christine Hutchins at for classification. Once classified, Christine will create the new "job profile" in Workday, so that you may enter the position for formal approvals. For information on entering into Workday please see Step 2: Completing Job Requisition in Workday.

Existing Position:

If the position you are filling is for an established role, you will want to review the existing job description to ensure the description is current. If the description accurately depicts the work, you may enter into Workday. In instances when changes are warranted, please send proposed changes to Christine Hutchins for review.


Contact Person in People Center:

Christine Hutchins, Employment Advisor
(802) 860-2721