Completing Job Requisition in Workday

Once the position has been classified, you may enter it into Workday. Full instructions on entering positions into Workday are included under Resources below. Once the position is approved you will get an email from, stating the position has been approved (approval levels included below).
Note: Approvals can take anywhere from 1 - 5 days to be completed, depending on how quickly each level approves the position.

Helpful Tips

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  • Including additional comments such as why the position is being created and where funding is coming from (if from multiple sources) can help speed up the approval process and ensure the position does not get "sent back" during the process. If a position gets sent back it must go through each level of approvals again.
  • When assigning compensation it is best to enter an amount that you have budget for, not what the top of the pay range states.
  • Faculty Positions—If you are hiring for an Assistant or Associate Professor, please select the job profile at the Associate level. During the hire it
     may be edited to Assistant when appropriate.
  • Please note it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to follow the approval process. Please refer to How to View Process Status under Resources to find out how.


How to Enter a Requistion into Workday

Approvals in Workday

How to View Process Status in Workday

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