Initial Meeting with Sr. Recruiter

Recruitment Plan Established:

Initial Meeting with Senior Recruiter

As soon as a position is approved in Workday, the Sr. Recruiter will schedule a meeting to begin search activities.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Sourcing plan
  • Recruitment timeline developed
  • Interview process established and team identifed
  • Leveraging your personal network
  • EEO/Diversity Requirements Discussed
  • Diversity and Inclusion in search process
  • Qualifications, experience and competencies
  • Confidentiality


Sourcing Resources

Sample Search Timeline

Faculty Search Workday Utilization

Staff Search Workday Utilization

Confidentiality Agreements:

Anyone who will have access to candidates will need to complete a confidentiality agreement. 

Faculty Positions

Staff Positions

Contact the People Center: