Reimbursable Items

Reimbursable Costs for Candidate:

  • All candidate mealsChamplain College
  • Candidate travel
    • Mileage reimbursed at .555 per mile
    • Flights/Trains/Buses
    • Taxi's
    • Airport Parking
    • Tolls

Reimbursing a Candidate:

Please submit all candidate reimbursements to the People Center via a completed requisition, please leave budget number blank (People Center will complete this portion). If submitting for mileage reimbursement please include a map quest of the route, so that the mileage being reimbursed is supported with documentation.

Please refer any questions regarding reimbursable costs to the People Center.

Candidate Meals with Search Committee or Hiring Manager:

  • We pay for all candidate meals
  • We will pay for additional individual meals per candidate visit
  • If using your PCard (which is highly encouraged) please email both Accounts Payable at and Jackie Greer at with the total amount charged to PCard, the candidate name, and the names of all individuals that attended the meal.

Note: Meals should be at a reasonable cost.

Contact in People Center:

Jackie Greer, Assistant Director, Payroll & Benefits
(802)  865-5431