Travel Agency

Direct Travel Company

19 Roosevelt Highway

Colchester, VT 05446

(802) 655-8866; (802) 245-8459

Helpful Information:

Before using the travel agency please check flights on other travel sites, as sometimes the prices are better.

For any flight over $800, the agency will need to verify with the People Center that the flight is okay to book.  Flights over $800 will only be approved in special circumstances.

Please always try to book flights in advance as this is the best way to ensure costs stay down.

Travel Agency Information


In most instances it is easiest for the candidate to book their own travel.

To do this you will call Direct Travel [(802) 655-8866; (802) 245-8459] and give pre-approval information. Prompt 2 is domestic corporate travel and prompt 3 is for international travelers. Please provide the information below:

  • Name of the traveler
  • Approximate date of travel and from where
  • Budget # - (Please let them know this will be charged to the People Center budget, they have this on file)
  • Who should be CC'd at Champlain (in most instances this will be the person calling in, but if it should be someone else please include their email. Also please make sure Dana Hutchinson, Sr. Recruiter and Katie LeClair, Sr. Coordinator in the People Center are included).

You will give the candidate the travel agencies number, and the information you provided above.

Contact the People Center: