SEE SAY DO Advisory Board

The See Say Do Advisory Boards are an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to come together to create programming and outreach on topics intrinsic to Bystander Intervention.

Joe Williams

Joseph Melvin Williams

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board

Joseph Melvin Williams was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After high school in New Orleans, he attended Texas A&M University from 1998-2003 where he received a Bachelor's of Science in Bioenvironmental Science. After graduation, he decided to enter the Navy to help pay off the huge amount of student loans he had to take out to attend Texas A&M. Williams enlisted in March of 2004 as an Information System Technician and started his journey to learn about computers since his background was in biology.

Williams had a great opportunity to travel the world in the Navy and work with many great leaders and peers. He started taking classes towards his Master's in Education at Old Dominion University in Virginia in the spring of 2009, and has transferred to taking the classes online since moving to Vermont. After a little over seven years of active duty served in the Navy, Williams decided to try his luck in the civilian world. He started looking for jobs in the Burlington area early this year and applied for the Team Leader position at LCDI. As luck would have it, he was offered the position and moved to Burlington, Vermont. Williams is looking forward to a new chapter of his life at Champlain College.