Student Supervisor Toolkit

Student Supervisor Roundtable Meeting Minutes

Please submit photos and videos of your student employees on the job here!

This toolkit was created to help Supervisors of Student Employee throughout the student employee lifecycle. If you have questions, please contact the correct person from the below resources:

Job Search/Job Spot/Job Fair

Angela Hyldburg

Operations & Data Manager, Career Collaborate

328 Maple Street, Box 4

(802) 860-2720

Work-Study Eligibility

Molly Pepper

Sr. Financial Aid Coordinator, Financial Aid

2nd Floor Perry Hall, Box 9

(802) 865-5701

Workday/Payroll Assistance

Jackie Greer

Assistant Director, Payroll & Benefits People Center

2nd Floor Lakeside Campus, Box 14

(802) 864-5431

General Questions/ I-9 ID

Compass Student Services

1st Floor Perry Hall

(802) 860-2741

Step 1:

Job Descriptions

Every student position on campus is required to have a job description (JD), which must be approved by Financial Aid before a student is hired. Upon reviewing a job description, the Office of Financial Aid will assign a JD number for proper entry into WorkDay during the hiring process. Approved JDs may be found on the "K Drive" under Workstudy. You may select to review job descriptions by supervisor name or by navigating into the academic year to review the "TABLE all JDs" or the current years "Job Description Template". You will be able to search through the table of all JDs to find what your job description number is for each level. If you need to create a new job description, please use the template on the K Drive.


Please speak to your budget manager to get your total budget for both your work-study and part-time budget lines. If you are unsure who that is, please contact Finance, and they can let you know.  All budgets for FY18 were set by Cabinet to year-end actuals of FY17.

Forecasting Budget (please make sure to copy and paste into your own excel sheet).
Budget Tracking for hours and earnings (view this powerpoint for assistance).

Step 2: Recruiting

To recruit for your open student postion, you will want to send your approved job description to Angela Hyldburg in the Career Collaborative at  You may select a date to close the posting or leave open until you have enough applications. 

Step 3: Informer Report

Click here to find out how to access the Informer report to determine work-study eligibility/award for a specific student. If you are having trouble accessing the report, please contact Jaime Martin at

Step 4: Hiring

Workday Hiring Instructions


  1. What does it means when you can't find a student under existing pre-hires?  The student has already been hired, or is in the process of being hired. You will want to search for the student in the search bar in upper left-hand corner to verify.
  2. What if I can't find the student in the search box? This likely means the student is in the process of being hired. Please contact the People Center to verify or check back then next day.

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