Step 3: Forming a Search Committee (Faculty Position)

Search CommitteeFaculty Search Committee Comprisal as per FACULTY SEARCHES PEOPLE CENTER PROCEDURE :

'5.9 Search Committees

5.9.1 Faculty positions: The Division Dean will establish a Search Committee comprised of: a Committee Chair; at least two faculty members currently in the division but not within the program for which the position is being recruited; and a faculty member from another Division. Former faculty members may act as advisors to the search committee if deemed helpful. Search committees should have at least four, but no more than seven members. The appointing, hiring authority or supervisor cannot be a search committee member.

5.9.2 Associate, Assistant, and Dean positions: The Provost will establish a Search Committee composed of: a Committee Chair; three faculty members from within the division (representing different programs when feasible) for which a Dean is being sought and a faculty member and/or dean from another division."


Faculty Search Committee Guidelines

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