Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why?
The 2017 Total Compensation Statement is intended to provide you with information and transparency on your benefits and the associated costs to you and Champlain.

Q: Who is receiving?
A: All full-time faculty and staff employed in calendar year 2017.

Q: How was the information calculated?
A: All calculations based on actual payroll earnings and contributions paid in 2017. You can review your final pay voucher from 2017 in Workday under the Pay icon.

Q: What was the time period for this information?
A: 2017 calendar year.

Q: How is tuition calculated?
A: All tuition is for courses taken in calendar year 2017; tuition exchange is for the calendar year 2017.

Q: What is the $299 under wellness?
A: This is the base fee assigned to all eligible employees for the cost of The Edge access.

Q: How is the 403(b) percentage calculated under "Are you missing out?" section?
A: This was the percentage being contributed as of December 2017.  This does not include any catch-up contribution.

Q: Who should I call if I have questions on my statement?
A: Please contact Debra Sailer Dayman, Benefits Director, at

People Center at Champlain College