Social Wellbeing

"Do you have strong relationships and love in your life? Your Social Wellbeing is strongly influenced by your closest relationships and social connections. For each hour of social time (up to six) you experience in a given day, your odds of having a good day increase and your odds of having a bad day decrease."
Wellbeing - The Five Essential Elements,

The Wellbeing Team offers programs each year to help improve family relationships and Social Wellbeing.

In 2016 we offered subsidized programs in:People Center at Champlain College

  • Parenting Seminar - "Growing a Grown-up" Informational Meeting: At this meeting Vicki Hoefle (of Duct Tape Parenting fame) described the 6-week workshop.  Vicki let participants know what to expect in the Workshop and what you will take away from the 6-week workshop. 
  • "Growing a Grown-up" Workshop: "A comprehensive parent program designed to assist parents as they reconcile the fact that although they are living with children, they are ultimately, raising adults".  This course employs parents with tools to raise Responsible, Respectful and Resilient young adults who thrive on the other side of the threshold, as well as, supporting you to navigate daily life while your kids are living at home with less conflict and more joy.
  • Caring for your Aging Parents Seminar - "Changing Relationships: You and Your Elderly Love Ones", This seminar offered an overview of the practical and emotional issues that arise when an elderly relative becomes increasingly dependent on you - namely the loss of independence and sudden role reversal.  In an empathetic atmosphere, participants were able to share concerns and experiences, draw support and insight from those facing similar challenges and learn how to best approach and adapt to their new role. 

On a side note, Champlain College is lucky to have Bjarne M. Holmes, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Director of Psychology Program, who is the Director of The LOVES Initiative research & advocacy team and Producer of the Relationship Matters Podcast series. More insightful information on Social Wellbeing can be found on the Relationship Matters Facebook page.