students stand in front of a large theater screen that is showing graphics

About the Project

The Challenge: The Vermont Symphony Orchestra (VSO) wanted to enhance their winter concert experience by providing a visual media accompaniment to the symphony and to appeal to younger audiences.

The Solution: In year one of this three-year partnership, the talented students at the EMC produced two experimental films that were projected behind the orchestra to the songs “Huapango” and “Danzon” as performed in a joint concert with the VSO and the Vermont Youth Orchestra at the Flynn theater.

In year two, the students created engaging motion graphics that will be projection-mapped onto the back wall of the Flynn stage while the orchestra plays in front. Projection-mapping turns specific irregularly shaped objects (in this case, pipes, electrical conduit, bricks, and grates) into visual display surfaces for projection. This year’s music is the soundtrack to the 1960 movie, Psycho. The motion graphics alongside the music provide an immersive and entertaining experience for the audience.

The Vermont Symphony Orchestra reached out to Champlain College because we knew their students had unique insights and excellent training in creating visual displays. Auditory and visual experiences go hand in hand, as we can see in everything from film to video games to immersive art installations. I wanted to see Emergent Media Center students interpret the music we play with the Vermont Youth Orchestra and augment our audience’s experience by creating something unique to watch. “
–Elise Brunelle, Executive Director, Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Technology Explored: Experimental film, motion graphics, abstract art, and projection mapping

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