Sarah Ramsey Strong Fund

This permanent Fund was established in memory of Sarah Elizabeth Ramsey, Champlain College Class of 2012, by her family and friends when she tragically passed away after being struck by a car in 2013.

In honor of Sarah's inspiring creativity, thirst to experience all life has to offer, and passion for advertising and branding, the Fund supports Champlain students through an annual student scholarship program, the Sarah Ramsey '12 Innovation Lab, and a new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Together, these programs form a lasting legacy in memory of Sarah Ramsey and her love for the Champlain College community.

Innovation & Entreprenuership Lab

Sarah Ramsey '12 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative

Learn about this initiative to support Champlain College students studying innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sarah Ramsey '12 Innovation Lab

The iLab inspires creativity and innovation, facilitates collaboration and experimentation, and encourages students and faculty to dream big.

Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship

Learn more about the SRS scholarship available to rising juniors and seniors in the Stiller School of Business.

Sarah Ramsey Strong 5K Race

All are welcome to join this fun, family-friendly annual race and fundraiser that supports student-centered programs at Champlain College.