Joe's Career Journey

Joe decided to go back to school after he found himself in a situation familiar to many adult learners: when his mentor at his job offered to pay for him to go to graduate school, Joe had to let him know that he didn't have a bachelor's degree. The conversation made him realize that a professional degree could take him even further in his career, and inspired him to take on the challenge of going back to school.

He started his journey at the Community College of Vermont, where he was able to earn 86 credits towards his bachelor's degree (Champlain College Online accepts up to 90 previously earned transfer credits for its programs). He then transferred into Champlain's online integrated studies degree program, designed for those with many credits from various sources to obtain their degree as quickly as possible, and within three semesters, he had completed the requirements for his bachelor's degree. He ultimately received his associate degree in business, a bachelor's degree in integrated studies, and two undergraduate certificates in business and in human resources.

After finishing his degree, he was motivated to continue his educational journey, so he applied to Champlain's online MBA program, and is currently pursuing his graduate degree.

When looking back on his experience, he's struck by how quickly it all happened: as he says, "It took me four semesters to go from high school graduate to college graduate." Getting started, his biggest concern was how long it would take him to make his degree a reality, and he was pleasantly surprised that he was able to do it in such a short period of time.

To those considering Champlain, Joe says to just pick up the phone and call - that first conversation with an admissions representative is all it takes.

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