Alumni Giving

Alumni Giving

Alumni Giving

Alumni gifts make the Champlain College experience possible for all students through scholarships, programs, enhanced facilities and more. Make your gift today.

Say "Thanks"

Gifts to Champlain are a way of sharing your life-changing experience with others.

Support Students and Faculty

Our faculty and students spend their days engaged in vigorous learning, defying convention and striving to exceed expectations.

Help Champlain Maintain its Standard of Excellence

Financial support is central to Champlain's efforts to recruit and retain the best faculty and staff members. In addition, the College must keep its curriculum, technology, facilities and equipment up to date if it is to provide the highest quality of education.

Be Counted

No matter the size, every gift makes a difference and counts as a positive vote for the future of Champlain and its students. By giving back to Champlain College, you are turning individual generosity into collective energy for the direct support of today's students and tomorrow's leaders.

Participation = Impact

Make your gift today!