What Our Alumni Are Saying

Here are just some of the reasons Champlain Alumni continue to support their alma mater:

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Higher education is the key to a healthy economy. Rock on Champlain College and make Burlington, Vermont proud!
- Robin Morris '78

25 years ago, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Champlain College with my A.S. in Executive Secretarial Sciences. My favorite class from those days was Sociology with Prof. Alan Stracke. If not for his encouragement, I never would have gone on to a four-year school for my B.S. in Business Administration. When I saw the article about him in our alumni magazine, I was so gratified to see all he's accomplished over the past 2+ decades. And it reminded me how far I've come in that time, and that without the exposure to such amazing professors at Champlain, my life would have been VERY different. My family was poor, but I had excellent grades and enough scholarships pooled together to be able attend college. If not for the funds provided by Champlain College at the time, we'd have come up short and I'd have lost out on the opportunity of a lifetime. THANK YOU, Champlain College alumni (pre-1987!), for making a difference in my life. To some people, $25 or even $100 is 'nothing' but to others it can make all the difference in the world.
-Niki Curry '88

I loved attending Champlain. I wish I could offer more, but I'm saving every penny I can scrounge to make sure I'll be able to attend this Spring when I come back in pursuit of another Bachelor's Degree
- Justin Beaulieu '09

I loved my time at Champlain and truly believe it offered me the best education possible. It gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to get a job straight out of college and has led to my present day success. I believe in the future of Champlain and all it can and will be able to offer current and future students.
- Nichole Magoon '10

Dollar for dollar, it was the most practical and career-focused post-secondary school that I ever attended. And I attended a bunch of them.
- Jim Willard '98

The critical thinking skills, ethics and liberal values I exercise each day here in South Central Los Angeles were born and bred in Vermont at Champlain College. Also, Jim Ellefson's email is 'pure rocket fuel!'
- Nicholas Novello '05

I learned a ton and am applying my knowledge daily! Thanks for letting me in on this opportunity to give back in such a small way, where it will have a bigger impact.
 - Annie Harlow '11

I have been giving to Champlain College for many years. I now have an annual commitment and it will continue. Champlain was just beginning to evolve into the extraordinary, amazing, Vermont and indeed international community in 1993 that it is today. Champlain gave me the accounting skill set I needed to succeed in private accounting back then, and now I cannot imagine any other school so deserving of our support. I would not have achieved what I have without Champlain College!
-Frank Boyle '93

Champlain helped me out a great deal with financial aid and I want to pay it forward.
- Caitlin Latter '11

When I think about my memories at Champlain it feels like I am in a little brick house sipping a cup of hot cocoa by a warm fire while the snow gently falls outside... the memories are warm and clear and I am grateful for it.
- Katie McDonald '06

I believe in Champlain's mission, goals and objectives. Not every college has an upside down curriculum or professors or staff that care deeply for their students... Champlain does.
- Alison Proctor '09

I really enjoyed my time at Champlain. While I haven't accomplished all of my career goals yet, I wouldn't even be on this path if it wasn't for Champlain. But, I have to be honest; the fact that Prof. Ellefson sent an e-mail helped me decide it's time to become an annual donor. It might not be much, but hopefully the amount I can contribute will continue to grow in the years to come.
- Jason Langley '01

My son is now a proud Champlain first-year student and therefore I am already supporting the school but if I can help Champlain secure $2Million, I am willing to help ...
- Lisa Ruppel '87

I am committed to giving back to Champlain because I hope many others students will continue to utilize Champlain's robust offerings to obtain the one-of-a kind learning experience the college offered me.  I hope my participation motivates other seniors and graduates to give back and engage with Champlain.
- Ollie Fichera '13 

I am pleased to be an annual donor. I have realized that I did not have all the answers after graduation, but I am glad I graduated from Champlain. I learned how to succeed in life and appreciate all the Champlain did for me.
- Randy Clark '62

I'm supporting Champlain because the curriculum taught and developed by our professors has found the perfect balance between education and real life experience. We not only earn a degree that states we have completed the necessary courses it takes to be successful in our career, but a lifetime worth of leadership, community building, and the ability to work seamlessly with a team. When leaving Champlain College you are leaving not only with a diploma stating you have made it through their rigorous curriculum, but a full basket of skills to help you through any situation in the work place and in life. You are the well-rounded human being your parents encouraged you to be. This is why I support Champlain. I would like my gift to contribute to the Vermont First Scholarship program. I would not have been able to go to Champlain without it.
- Michaela Goodyear '11

Why did I make my gift a few months ago? Well, as a 2013 graduate my memories of Champlain College are still fresh to me, which doesn't make answering this question much easier. What makes answering this question difficult is that I know that I could easily ramble off so many reasons why I donated to help the future of my college, but I'm struggling to narrow it down to one I want to share that will encourage YOU to donate, my fellow alumni.

It's just too hard. So I'm asking you now Champlain College Alumni, to sit back and remember how you felt when you graduated from Champlain. For some like me this is an easy task because it is still fresh; for others this may mean looking back 10, 15, or even 30+ years! Think about that moment you walked across that stage and shook the president's hand, receiving your hard-earned degree in the other. How did that moment feel?

Next, I want you to think about the moment after graduation when you were finally able to give your cheeks a break from all of the posing and smiling for pictures. Think back to that moment when you left campus, no longer a student. I know that the day I left Burlington, I drove to campus for one last look to preserve the memories I had of it at that very moment. For the class of 2013, I know we have seen a lot of change at Champlain over our 4 years with new dorms, a new School of Business, more degree programs, a new masters program and even new buildings. We have all seen the plans for the future foundation of our college, but that's just the look and size that is changing. Our memories of Champlain, regardless of what the college looks like, will always be unique to us. I know that every Champlain graduate had some amazing memories. By giving back, you are helping to preserve those memories and you are creating the opportunity for future Champlain students to form their own legacy. We gave a lot to a college to gave a lot to us in return....what's a little more?
- Kaisey Arena '13

I gave to Champlain College because I am proud to give back to the community that shaped me so much. Champlain has given me the skills to help me succeed in my current career and without its dedicated staff I would not have had the education that has so greatly benefited me. I know that my gift will really help the Champlain students by providing quality programs, great college facilities, and excellent professors.
- Owen Phipps '12

I donated because through my 4 years and beyond, Champlain supported me: Moss on the Moon, the Equestrian Club, the Current, CCPI, Willard and Maple, Dublin, and all the other things we’ve been involved in that Champlain made possible.
- Allison Neal '11

I made my gift because Champlain - the people, the classes, the place itself - changed my life by giving me the tools and knowledge I needed to strive towards being my best self. My professors helped me identify my strengths and they believed in my abilities, teaching me to believe in myself. Burlington opened my eyes to a holistic, healthy and joy-saturated way of living. My friends held my hand as I jumped off the cliffs at Red Rocks and into adulthood. I left that beautiful campus with confidence, marketable skills, a greater sense of self and a whole lot of Camp Champ pride. I give so that others can receive the same gifts Champlain gave me, which are the greatest gifts of all.
- Allison Arbuthnot Sanders '07