2017 Senior Class Gift

About the 2017 Senior Class Gift

This year, the Class of 2017 has decided to leave behind two mosaic benches to create an inviting seating area for students to gather and socialize.

Mosaic BenchMosaic Bench

These benches will honor the memory of Connor Glassett and Steve Bergeron, two members of our class who passed away this year. Each bench will be personalized according to the interests and passions of the classmates they commemorate.

Classmate Honored with 2017 Senior Class Gift Classmate Honored with 2017 Senior Class Gift

The benches will be located on Aiken Lawn, an area of campus that does not currently have a formal seating area.

Support the Project

In order to make this gift possible, the Class of 2017 needs your help! The Senior Class Gift is our first impact on the school as Champlain College Alumni, and each individual gift has the purpose of bringing students together and strengthening the sense of community at Champlain.