Funding Opportunities

We are committed to being conscientious stewards of your investment. Gifts to the Champlain Fund are immediately put to use where they will have the greatest impact.

Here are the primary areas where you, through your support of the Champlain Fund, provide opportunities for our students:

Student Scholarships

Students learn best by being exposed to new and unique ways of thinking. To support this, Champlain is committed to having a diverse student body. The Champlain Fund supports the following scholarships to make higher education attainable for students of all backgrounds:

  • New American Scholarship: You enable New American, refugees, and asylum students to change their lives and improve the lives of their family for generations to come.
  • Yellow Ribbon Program and Veterans Scholarship: A sense of responsibility; natural inclination to explore, innovate and lead; and a can-do attitude—a United States veteran brings all this and more to the Champlain College community. Your support honors their service and provides an opportunity for a bright future.
  • Vermont First Scholarship: Cultivating a strong, well-prepared workforce, who will enhance the cultural and economic landscape of Vermont, is vital to the future of our community and the state. With your help, we make it possible for Vermont students who are in the first generation of their family to achieve higher education.
  • Single Parents Program: Our Single Parent scholars exhaust all state and federal assistance available to pursue their education while raising a family. Unfortunately, a significant gap remains. Champlain is committed to bridging the gap. With your help, we can change the course of life for these students and, in turn, their children.
  • Support-A-Student Scholarship: We believe that every qualified student deserves the benefit of a Champlain College education, regardless of their financial circumstances. With your support, you not only increase educational opportunities available to deserving scholars but also enhance the academic experience for the entire Champlain College community.

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Study Abroad

At Champlain College, we hope that each student graduates as an engaged citizen with international experience and a global perspective. The Study Abroad Scholarship makes it possible for all interested and qualified students to participate in this life-changing opportunity, regardless of their financial means.

These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need. Your support will provide these unmatched opportunities to students and prepare them to enter the workforce as global citizens.

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Service Learning

Service learning is a teaching method that combines community service with academic instruction, with a focus on critical, reflective thinking and civic engagement. Service-learning programs involve students in organized projects with community partners.

These projects address specific partner needs while developing students' academic skills and sense of civic responsibility. Service learning is an important part of the Champlain experience, and your support helps students, who would not otherwise be able to, participate in these life-changing opportunities.

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Hands-On Work Experience

Champlain College has prepared its graduates to excel in market-relevant careers since 1878. One of the ways we ensure our students are workforce ready is by providing extensive hands-on work opportunities for our students. The Champlain Fund enables students to gain valuable real-world experience in many ways including:

  • Working at one of our Centers of Excellence—our on-campus experiential learning centers—where they can gain real-world career experience with the oversight of trusted faculty & staff. Many of our centers have paying clients, but this often does not fully cover operating expenses. Your support is essential to providing these great work environments for our students.
  • Our Career Collaborative has established close-knit relationships with businesses and organizations nationally and internationally. These networks shape the skills and qualifications of Champlain's emerging talent. Our students are the interns of choice at businesses throughout Vermont and beyond, and many are offered full-time employment after graduation. Because of you, more than 90% of our students have the opportunity to participate in these immersive learning experiences.

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Accomplished Faculty

At Champlain, both teachers and students stretch. Dreams start coming to life far before a student's degree is earned. At the heart of our success is our faculty.

Our faculty are practicing professionals who are 100% dedicated to providing our students with the best possible education. These experts have made their mark in their industries and bring a wealth of personal passion and indispensable wisdom to every course. They challenge our students' assumptions, expand their horizons and show them what they really need to know.

From day one, our faculty's extensive networks of industry contacts and recruiter relationships put our students on the inside track to rewarding internships, career success, and other meaningful opportunities. As a result, our students emerge from their education as leaders in their profession, and their exceptional capacities reflect the integrity of our award-winning professors and our innovative hands-on approach to learning.

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Innovative Learning Experiences

Providing students with innovative learning experiences is what helps Champlain alumni stand out in the workplace. Your support of the Champlain Opportunity Fund allows us to invest in providing a cutting-edge campus environment and unique learning experiences for our students, including:

  • Ensuring our classrooms offer the most current equipment and software
  • Showcasing thought-provoking exhibits at the Champlain Art Gallery
  • Providing opportunities to work on groundbreaking projects in our Centers of Excellence
  • Sending students to industry-relevant conferences
  • Exposing them to different ways of thinking in and out of the classroom

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (866) 421-7170 or