Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship

2017 Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship Recipients

The Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship encourages Champlain College marketing students to take risks, push boundaries, do more, be more, and experience more.

This permanent Fund was established in memory of Sarah Elizabeth Ramsey ’12 by her family and friends after she passed away unexpectedly in 2013. In honor of Sarah’s inspiring creativity and zest for life, and her love of travel abroad, this Fund supports a rising junior or senior marketing major who exemplifies Sarah’s qualities including drive, determination, creative and critical thinking, individuality, a passion for advertising and branding, and a thirst to experience all life has to offer. This need-based scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has plans to travel or immerse themselves in an internship with the power to be transformative.

$5,000 Scholarship for a Stiller School of Business Marketing Student

If you are a marketing major planning an international experience in 2017/2018, you may be eligible for the Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship. Learn more and apply here.

Meet the Scholarship Recipients

2017 - Anna Steeley '19

Currently Spending her Junior year abroad exploring and studying in Canada, Ireland, and China

"What an honor it is to receive the Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship. I am very excited to be going abroad for my full junior year to Montreal, Dublin, and Shanghai. My skills in both Film and Marketing have prepared me for this adventure, and I am still in awe to be able to follow in Sarah's footsteps of passion, creativity, and determination. I can't wait to see what my travels will bring me in preparation for my future and career."

2016 — Emily Connor ’17

Currently completing her summer internship with travel to China and Thailand

"I’m so inspired by the encouragement and support of my family, friends, and the Champlain College community. As I begin my journey, I’m eager to experience what’s about to unfold in Shanghai and Thailand, and my mind is racing with ideas to implement in my travels and work abroad! I can't wait to share with everyone what I hope to accomplish, and how it was all made possible by the Sarah Ramsey Strong Fund. I’m incredibly honored to continue my journey in Sarah’s legacy, and follow in the footsteps of the two amazing and talented young women who’ve gone before me as Sarah Ramsey Strong scholarship winners!"

2015 — Emily LaPlume ’17

Recently returned to Burlington after completing study abroad in Ireland and New Zealand

"Champlain’s strong emphasis on developing global business skills encouraged me to find an international experience to include as a part of my education. I’m grateful to have been selected to receive the Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship, making it possible for me to study in Ireland and New Zealand and help me prepare for a career in marketing."

2014 — Lauren Buniva ’16

Upon graduation this past May, Lauren began her advertising career at MullenLowe in Boston

"My experience at University of Otago in New Zealand gave me a global perspective that I was able to build on to secure an internship in Shanghai. Receiving the Sarah Ramsey Strong Scholarship and learning about Sarah’s passion for pursuing her dreams inspired me and helped me leverage my international experiences to pursue a career in advertising."