Single Parents Program: Giving

A College Education Can Change a Life

Champlain College's Single Parents Program is one of our longest standing scholarship programs, and one of only 11 such programs across the country. This comprehensive scholarship offers Single Parent students a multi-dimensional support system that will set the stage for academic, financial, and personal success.

Jessica Kirby

"As far as the future goes, I am most excited about the possibilities. There are so many options in life, and I know firsthand that you can always make a change. Mostly, I just want to be there for my boys and raise them with love and stability. I want them to always know that they do not have to take the world on by themselves like I did when I was young.  I hope their dreams stay big and their worries stay small.  I hope that they know that they always have someone to lean on.  I am so excited for their futures and glad I can feel good about what I'm modeling to them."

-Jessica Kirby'16

For our Single Parent scholars, a Champlain education helps break the cycle of poverty and opens doors to a limitless future. A community of support allows students to focus on academic endeavors secure in the knowledge that they are not alone. Something as simple as additional help during the holiday season has a profound impact on these students and their families. Single Parents Program support includes:

  • Career counseling
  • Peer-to-peer advising
  • Educational seminars about financial aid, parenting, healthy relationships, and other relevant topics
  • Tuition assistance intended to fill the gap from traditional funding sources and the full cost of tuition 

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