Media Production Academy - Summer Course for High School Students

Media Production Academy - Summer Course for High School Students

July 11 - 26, 2020
Champlain College - Burlington, Vermont

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It is our hope that by the time our Summer Academies take place, Champlain will resume normal operations. Of course, the safety of our visitors, current students, staff and faculty is our highest priority and first responsibility, and we will continue to take guidance from local, state, and federal health authorities regarding any need to extend the closure of our campus. If you are interested in attending the Media Production Academy, please register, and we will provide continual status updates. Should we be unable to host the program, your deposit and program fee will be refunded.

Why Attend the Pre-College Media Production Academy?

Do you (or your student) love to create videos and social media content? Have you ever dreamed of producing your own documentary? If you've ever thought "Hey, I wonder if I could do this for a living?" - then Champlain's Media Production Academy is for you.

The Pre-College Media Production Academy is an intensive 16-day learning experience that introduces current high school students to the professional methods of visual storytelling techniques used in the broadcast industry. Students will earn three transferable college credits while learning to develop visual, audio and content for the most effective storytelling including:

  • Podcasts
  • Social Media content
  • Vlogging
  • Streaming channel content
  • Documentary

What You'll Gain:

On our breathtaking campus in Burlington, Vermont, students will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Writing content to engage your audience
  • Using sound to set the stage for your story
  • Composing shots for the most effective storytelling
  • Operating equipment in the studio and out in the field
  • Editing your work for use on various platforms (social media, podcast, streaming channels)

Media Production Academy at Champlain College

Students will learn, hands-on, in our state-of-the art production stage, sound studio, and radio station located in the new Center for Communication and Creative Media while gaining media literacy and exploring the role of broadcast media in American culture.

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