Montreal and Dublin have Champlain College staff on the ground who will do everything they can to help make sure that you have a successful experience abroad. They share our training and our administration and they are working with the rest of our college to get you the best academic and professional experience possible. Many Champlain departments, like our office and the Smart Space, are accessible online from abroad.

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Our Exchange Partners were chosen partly for the support and services that they can offer international students. However, it is important to remember that these schools abroad were built to support students from that country and some supports and structures will look very different from what is available in the US. Our office is happy to help students navigate systems abroad but often students will get better help by utilizing the systems at their school abroad.

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Our third-party programs were chosen because we trust them to help you while you are abroad. Their purpose is to help US students study abroad. They will offer support structures that look more familiar to US students.

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Things to Remember

Don’t ignore your Champlain email. Important things will happen while you are abroad. You don’t want to miss housing deadlines or course registration windows.

Students will have a local contact person who would usually be their best first point of contact, but Campus Public Safety is always available to students and families who need to contact someone with concerns or something urgent.