Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many residencies do I have to attend? 
A: Students are required to attend just one residency, held at one of two NAEYC conferences. Students may choose from either NAEYC's Annual Conference (typically held in November) or NAEYC's Professional Learning Institute (typically held in June). Residency dates and locations can be found on the NAEYC website

Q: How long is each class?
A: Each class is eight weeks in length.

Q: How many classes do most people take at a time? 
A: Typically, students take one course per 8-week term, but some students take two courses per eight week term.  It really depends on your own time frame.

Q: How many hours per week do we spend in class?
A: Typically, students report they spend 12 hours per week in class, on average.

Q: Who is my academic advisor?
A: At Champlain, your program director is your academic advisor, so you get close, personal, accurate attention.

Q: What if I have never taken an online course?
A: It usually takes just one or two weeks for students to become comfortable with the technology and routine involved in online learning.

Q: Is the M.Ed. a licensure program?
A: The M.Ed. is not a licensure program. Contact your state's department of education for information regarding specific licensure requirements.

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