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We're excited to announce that we've reduced the tuition of Champlain College Online's award-winning undergraduate programs by 50%! It’s never been more affordable to pursue a degree or certificate at Champlain, so make 2019 your career year and take the next step in your professional life today!

Champlain College has maintained a commitment to adult learners since the 1990s, and is now proud to serve over 3,500 adult students across the United States and abroad. We know the sacrifices you make, and challenges adult students face in their decision to go back to school. We believe that reducing tuition will now make it possible for more students to access Champlain's distinctive online education programs, allowing you to pursue additional degrees in high-growth fields, finish faster, and graduate with less debt.

Survey Says The Case For An Affordable Online Education Is Clear

In November 2017, we conducted a survey of adult learners to learn more about the motivators and barriers they face in deciding to go back to school. Overwhelmingly, the biggest challenge cited was the high cost of tuition, with 70% of respondents saying that they couldn't afford it. For many, a college degree is simply too expensive to consider.

The cost of higher education shouldn't be a roadblock to a better career. We've made the bold decision to dramatically reduce the cost of our award-winning online education, starting this fall, by 50%. Our goal is to make high-quality higher education more affordable for more people, and to empower any adult who wants to achieve a meaningfully better life through a degree to do so.

Our Commitment To Quality Is Unwavered

We remain committed to maintaining the high-quality, engaging, and individualized educational experience we're known for, and think that this decision will improve it; by lowering barriers for enrollment we will further diversify our classrooms and create an even richer, more dynamic online learning environment. We believe everyone deserves access to a high quality education and to know which institutions are worthy of your time and energy. Our "What's In Your Education" Guide outlines what to look for as you select an online college.