Online Learning & The Back to School Decision [Infographic]

Adults Considering Going Back to School Face a Unique Set of Challenges

For many adults, the decision to go back to school can be difficult. Most adults do not fit the profile of a "typical" college student - they have many competing priorities, from full-time work to family commitments, and often feel that the traditional college experience doesn't meet their needs. Online learning is a natural fit for many adults going back to college, as it offers flexibility and access that many campus-based programs don't have, but this style of learning faces significant perception challenges in the eyes of many adults.

That's why we recently commissioned a survey of 1,000+ adults across the United States: we wanted to better understand their thoughts on online learning and higher education as a whole, and find out what they see as the biggest reasons to go back to college (and the biggest obstacles in their way). The surveyed revealed quite a bit about adults: overall, while they see the value of higher education, they face significant challenges in actually pursuing a degree.

Here's what we found:

Higher Education is Key to Career Prospects

70% of adults believe it's "very important" or "somewhat important" to hold a bachelor's degree to secure a job in the future.

Cost is the Primary Hurdle in the Decision to Go Back to School

75% of respondents said student loan debt was the main barrier to going back to school.

Increasing Earning Potential Is the Main Reason to Return

73% of respondents said the main reason they want to go back to school is to increase earning potential.

Online Learning Is Seen as High-Quality Overall, and as a Better Option for Adult Learners

76% of those who have considered going back to school see online learning as "excellent" or "very good." More respondents judge online learning (38%) to be better in meeting the needs of adult students than face-to-face learning (26%).

Overall, this shows that while many adults want to go back to school - and have a clear sense of the benefits that can come from doing so - the obstacles in their way are significant.

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Online Learning & The Back to School Decision [Infographic]