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3 Tips for Developing a Cybersecurity Program That Stands Out

EdTech Magazine; December 19, 2017

Champlain College's Cybersecurity Program Director, Kathleen Hyde, offers her expertise on how institutions looking to close the cybersecurity skills gap can develop inclusive, successful, and unique cybersecurity offerings by reshaping their curricula to provide programs that are really for everyone.

Champlain College Named One of the Best Online Colleges of 2018; November 30, 2017

Champlain College Online was recently ranked #38 on's list of the 50 best online colleges for 2018. The list was made using qualitative measures and data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics and from individual schools themselves. Each ranked school is fully accredited, and is a not-for-profit institution that offers at least three accredited, 100% online degree programs.

Champlain College Online Enhances Cybersecurity Program With New Leadership

Business Wire; November 29, 2017

Champlain College Online, designated as a National Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, has announced a new chair of cybersecurity programs. Kathleen Hyde, MCIS, MBA, will help equip Champlain's adult students with the business and technical skills to solve some of the nation's most complex information security challenges. 

25 Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees in Cybersecurity; September 11, 2017

Cyber security is a rapidly growing, highly competitive field, and a bachelor's degree is required for most positions. Career opportunities are expected to grow much faster than average as the potential for cyberattacks increases, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a job growth rate of 18% over the next decade. Champlain College was listed as #19 on a recent list of 25 schools offering affordable online network security and cybersecurity degree programs that will result in a high return on investment for students and give them strong career prospects.

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AT&T Trains Future Cybersecurity Workers

WashingtonExec; August 28, 2017

There are an estimated 209,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the United States alone. To help fill the gap, AT&T has established a skills program for its current employees through Champlain College.  "Depending on an employee's interests, goals and capabilities, we offer various levels and calibers of training, from proficiency training and certification courses to bachelor of science programs, and more." Since 2015, 735 AT&T employees have participated in Champlain's badge, certificate, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs. "All employees are offered the ability to pivot their skills," said Danessa Lambdin, vice president of security solutions.  

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20 Best Online Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration Degrees for 2017

College Choice; August 15, 2017

Champlain College Online was recently named as having the #17 Best Online Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration Degree Program by College Choice. The job market for Healthcare Administrators is increasing at a rapid pace, as the need for competent professionals in this field is at an all-time high--the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 17% growth in the field through 2022. A bachelor's in Healthcare Administration is a great way to give your career the boost it needs and give you the skills to manage, direct, and coordinate medical services in a variety of settings.  Online undergraduate programs in healthcare administration are an affordable, accessible, and flexible way to earn your degree.  

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50 Best Online Associate's in Accounting Degrees for 2017

College Choice; August 10, 2017

Champlain College Online was recently named as having the #23 Best Online Associate in Accounting Degree Program by College Choice. Often called the "language of business," accounting is an integral aspect of financial literacy in today's dynamic business world. An online associate degree in accounting will offer a high return on investment, and is a great first step on the path towards a bachelor's degree in accounting. Online undergraduate programs in accounting are an affordable, accessible, and flexible way to earn your degree.  

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High Growth Margins Expected for Champlain College's New M.S. in Accounting 

Business Wire; July 17, 2017

Financial and Accounting Professionals Increase Business Acumen Through Immersive Program

Champlain College Online has introduced its Master of Science degree in Accounting. According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), global automation and talent shortages are top concerns faced by financial professionals. This graduate degree helps students develop into competitive accounting professionals with an expert grasp on financial information and the strategic thinking needed to lead organizations within the private and public sectors.

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Sharpen Your Workforce Development IQ

Training Magazine; June 30, 2017

Workforce development through higher education is something all businesses need to consider.

A business is only as good as its workforce. As such, finding good employees, developing their talent, and keeping them are crucial to business success. Unfortunately, all three of those challenges have grown harder in recent years--something that can seriously threaten a business aiming to grow. 

Sean Collins, Senior Director, Organization and Leadership Development at Champlain College truED Alliance Member Dealertrack, Inc., explores the business's new higher education and training-focused  workforce development strategy, which has not only served as a recruitment and retention tool but has also led to outsized benefits for the investment, increased their competitiveness, and allowed the company to grow from 400 people to over 1,200 over a three-year period.

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Champlain College Wins Best Online College in Vermont

Business Wire; May 11, 2017

Vermont Business Magazine Recognizes Best of Business for 2017

Champlain College Online was honored with the 2017 Best of Business Award by Vermont Business Magazine (VBM) for its portfolio of online degree programs. VBM surveyed its magazine readership and digital subscribers, and after nearly 1,000 responses, they compiled the winners.  The awards program celebrates the best Vermont companies in more than 100 business-to-business categories and recognizes them for their expertise.

"Vermont Business Magazine is highly esteemed in the local business community and Champlain College Online is honored to be recognized as developing and providing the best online degree programs in the state," said Dr. Mika Nash, Academic Dean, Division of Continuing Professional Studies, Champlain College Online. "We take great pride and effort in delivering nationally ranked, fully online post-secondary undergraduate and graduate degrees to prepare adult professionals in highly competitive fields."

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Champlain College among top online MBA Programs in Human Resource Management

Vermont Business Magazine; March 24, 2017

The comprehensive guide to online MBA programs, Online MBA Today, has published a new ranking of the 50 best online MBA programs in Human Resource Management, and Champlain College is among them. An online MBA in human resource management can be a great asset to any prospective human resource professional; this ranking was designed to help prospective students find the best match to start their master's program and launch their future leadership careers. 

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The Talent Landscape is Changing. Are You?

Chief Learning Officer; February 22, 2017

The new generation of HR and learning leaders needs to be versed in a broad range of talent-related topics.

Two things are happening in parallel in today's workplace that are challenging human resources and learning professionals to reevaluate their approach. First, there aren't enough highly qualified people to go around these days. This month, McKinsey and Co. reported that nearly 40 percent of U.S. employers are struggling to find skilled workers. Second, the high-quality talent that is currently powering companies forward has no qualms about leaving if they don't feel like their needs are being met, said Mika Nash, academic dean for Champlain College Online's Continuing Professional Studies division.

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HR Struggles to Keep Up With New Workforce Development Demands; February 28, 2017

There are two overriding themes that are putting HR practitioners under more stress lately: increased shortages of qualified talent and the willingness of talent to jump ship for other opportunities if they don't feel their needs are being met. Nearly 40% of employers are struggling to find enough talent to fill vital jobs, based on a McKinsey and Co. report. 

Learning is a bigger incentive for employees who want to improve their skills and move up the corporate ladder, Chief Learning Officer reports. Mika Nash, academic dean at Champlain College Online's Continuing Professional Studies told CLO that it's "critical that corporate learning takes on this stance," adding that HR leaders are evolving into learning officers.

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15 Best Online Bachelor's in Software Engineering Degrees for 2017

College Choice; January 1, 2017

Champlain College Online was recently named as having the #7 Best Online Bachelor's in Software Engineering Degree Program by College Choice. A degree in software engineering is guaranteed to advance your career, with the employment of software engineers projected to increase by a huge 22% over the next few years. Online undergraduate programs in software engineering are an affordable, accessible, and flexible way to earn your degree in software engineering.  

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20 Best Online Bachelor's in Graphic Design Programs 2017

Best Degree Programs; December 2017

Champlain College Online ranked 20th on Best Degree Programs' list of the 20 Best Online Bachelor's in Graphic Design Programs 2017. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for graphic designers remains steady and consistent over the next eight years, and suggests that graphic designers will face strong competition for available positions, meaning obtaining a graphic design degree is essential in securing employment and advancing current careers. 

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Champlain College Online Offers truED Pricing To Military Service Members

Business Wire; December 5, 2016

Military Friendly® School offers significant military discount to service members and their families

Champlain College today announced beginning January 2017 active duty service members, National Guard members and members from Reserve Components of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their spouses and eligible adult dependents now have access to its more than 50 nationally ranked, fully online post-secondary undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates at up to 70 percent off standard tuition through its truED® program.

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Got Skills Gaps? Partner Up

Chief Learning Officer; Oct. 31, 2016

When companies find that their employees lack critical skills, the right higher education partnerships can make all the difference when filling the gaps.

Adults are struggling to learn in today's fast-paced world, and leaders are having a tough time finding employees who already have both the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. But Mika Nash said learning leaders can find ways to elevate workforce knowledge. Nash, the Academic Dean of Champlain College Online in the Division of Continuing Professional Studies, spoke with Chief Learning Officer about how to address skills gaps and how to create an online curriculum that is highly relevant, career-focused and immediately applicable.

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Champlain College Combats Cyber Crime During National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Business Wire; Oct. 24, 2016

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Champlain College Online is hosting a special webinar - "Something is Phishy: The War on Cyber Crime" - to address today's cyber threats and proven measures to protect users, businesses and government from malicious activity. During an era when cyber crime will cost the U.S. economy $2 trillion by 2019, Champlain's webinar will provide participants with tactical and strategic solutions to understand and thwart cyber crime across their organization.

"Cyber challenges continue to dominate public discourse and its severity has prompted the White House to appoint the first ever Chief Information Security Officer, a position specifically designed to address the complex nature of cybersecurity," said Ric Messier, Cybersecurity Program Director at Champlain College. "Since security is everyone's problem we need to do a better job at educating all users of the risks to themselves as well as the businesses they work in. Luckily there are simple and effective ways to improve skills and practices that lead to more secure operations enterprise wide."

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Higher Ed Bargains for Feds, In One Chart

Government Executive; Sept. 2, 2016

Interested in continuing your post-secondary education in a program that caters to full-time employees? Now is a good time for federal workers and their dependents to consider several available options that are more affordable and accessible than the traditional route.

The Office of Personnel Management now has partnerships with six schools across the country to offer feds, their spouses and legal dependents, access to a multitude of certification, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in various areas, including business, cybersecurity, criminal justice, digital forensics, health care administration and human resources management. Federal employees can pursue college degrees online or in person at up to 70 percent off regular tuition rates, depending on the institution and the program.

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Champlain College Modernizes the MBA: CCO Applies Systems and Design Thinking To New Online MBA

Business Wire; August 16, 2016

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) - long considered the higher education stamp of readiness for corporate success - has been struggling to fill that call, as many business leaders find that MBA programs fail to impart the skillsets required by modern day enterprises. But what distinguishes a modernized MBA that is equipped to prepare today's professional for tomorrow's quagmires and opportunities?

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Office of Personnel Management, Champlain College Deliver truED And Academic Excellence Government-Wide Through A Federal Alliance

Business Wire; April 27, 2016

Champlain College today celebrated the one-year anniversary of the alliance with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The agreement provides Federal employees, spouses, and eligible adult dependents access to affordable online education in mission-critical and highly competitive fields. Leaders across government recognized this milestone during "Federal Workforce 2020: Turning Today's Experience into Tomorrow's Talent" by joining in support of the alliance, and shared plans to increase participation and enhance talent development efforts within the Federal workforce.

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OPM adds new cyber education program for feds and families

FCW: The Business of Federal Technology; January 22, 2016

The federal government is trying to shore up its cybersecurity workforce with a new program that offers discount training to current feds and their families. The Office of Personnel Management is teaming with Champlain College Online to create a new online Master of Science in Information Security Operations program, and the college’s truED alliance is offering a 50 percent discount for federal employees and their families.

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Champlain College Announces Online Master of Science in Information Security Operations

Business Wire; January 19, 2016

Champlain College, winner of SC Magazine’s Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Award, today introduced its new online Master of Science in Information Security Operations. It is the first advanced degree designed to elevate the practitioner’s strategic planning abilities in the prevention and response to cybersecurity incidents such as data loss and cybercrime, while increasing technical skills and industry acuity.

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Champlain College Marks truED Milestone with 60 Alliance Partners

Business Wire; November 9, 2015

Champlain College announces that truED® has signed alliances with more than 60 leading government and industry organizations who share a deep commitment to learning as a means to remain competitive, improve employee retention and enhance recruitment.

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Keeping OPM On Its Toes

Chief Learning Officer: Solutions For Enterprise Productivity; Oct. 8, 2015

Driving learning and development for a federal workforce of 2.1 million employees is no easy task, but innovation and online learning is helping the federal government's Office of Personnel Management's chief learning officer do just that.

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How OPM Hopes To Cultivate Cyber Talent 

FCW: The Business of Federal Technology; Sept. 15, 2015

Federal employees are becoming eligible for retirement in waves, and cybersecurity skills are in desperately short supply. Importing talent is one solution, but another is developing the skills of the people who already work for the government. This article explores how the federal government's Office of Personnel Management hopes to cultivate cyber talent among its employees.

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Cybersecurity: 6 Schools with the Right Stuff

FCW: The Business of Federal Technology; Sept. 3, 2015

For all the finger-pointing and blame-shifting that followed the massive hacks of the Office of Personnel Management, lawmakers and officials agree on this much: the federal government needs more cybersecurity professionals....

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An Adult Education Model That Works

Government Executive; July 7, 2015

Research conducted by The Harvard Business Review points to the extraordinary correlation between employee development and organizational performance. The data also reflects a connection...

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3 Institutions Offer Advice On Building Corporate Partnerships

Education Dive; June 30, 2015

Colleges and universities across the country are developing partnerships with companies seeking to provide continuing education to employees. The benefits of such arrangements run in both directions...

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Small College, Big Online Partners

Inside Higher ED; May 15, 2015

Champlain College is making a surprising play in the online adult learner market, slashing its private college tuition rates for corporate partners to compete for their employees' tuition assistance dollars. The college landed a big name partner in April...

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Champlain College Partners with Office of Personnel Management to Close Critical Skills Gap Across Government

ABC News 7 Washington, DC; May 11, 2015

This Summer, Champlain College will start offering federal employees and their families access to dozens of online education programs at up to 70-percent off standard tuition. The school just announced an alliance with the Office of Personnel Management.

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New Alliance Offers Educational Opportunities for Federal Workers

Association for Talent Development; May 8, 2015

In late April, Champlain College announced that it has formed an alliance with the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to bring its online programs to the federal government's more than 2 million employees.

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Federal Employees Are Enthusiastic About New Higher Ed Benefit

Government Executive; May 8, 2015

A new program that offers federal employees heavily-discounted tuition rates to pursue college degrees online is proving pretty popular only a few weeks after its launch.

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Office of Personnel Management's New Educational Alliance

Government Executive; April 24, 2015

We know from the Office of Personnel Management's research that federal employees are well-educated and many hold multiple college and university degrees. They love to learn and often don't consider their educations complete just because they work for the federal government.

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With Online Learning for Feds, OPM Sees Narrowed Skills Gap

Federal News Radio; April 21, 2015

Federal employees and their families can now add online college to the list of benefits offered by the government.

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New Alliance Will Enable Federal Employees To Earn Degrees At Deep Discount

Federal Soup; April 21, 2015

The Office of Personnel Management said it has entered into an agreement with an online education provider to give federal employees more affordable access to post-secondary education.

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New Program Will Give Feds a Break on the Cost of Higher Ed

Government Executive; April 20, 2015

Federal employees can pursue college degrees online starting this summer at up to 70 percent off regular tuition ratees through a new partnership between the Office of Personnel Management and Champlain College in Burlington, VT.

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Champlain College Offers Discounts to US Workers

Burlington Free Press; April 20, 2015

The federal government is working with Vermont's Champlain College to provide online educational and training opportunities to millions of federal civilian employees and their dependents at up to 70% of the regular cost.

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Champlain College Brings truED to Nation's Largest Employer to Narrow Skills Gap in Mission Critical Occupations

Business Wire, picked up by Yahoo Finance, LinkedIn, and more; April 20, 2015

Champlain College today announced that it has formed an alliance with the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to bring its online programs to the Federal government's more than two million employees. Through truED...

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Office of Personnel Management Unveils New Online Degree Program for Feds

FCW: Business of Technology; April 20, 2015

The Office of Personnel Management announced on April 20 that it has partnered with Champlain College to create the truED alliance, which provides civilian federal employees and their dependents with affordable...

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OPM and Vermont College Offer Tech Courses to Feds

Fed Scoop; April 20, 2015

High-tech careers aren't just for millennials. And now, upgrading your tech education has gotten a little easier and more affordable for federal employees and their families.

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Agreement Between Office of Personnel Management and Champlain College Expands Affordable Learning Opportunities for Federal Employees and Their Families

Office of Personnel Management press release; April 20, 2015

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Champlain College have entered into an agreement enabling Federal employees, their spouses and qualifying adult family members to pursue affordable, online post-secondary education....

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How Colleges Can Help Workers Keep Learning; April 4, 2015

In every industry, there is a moment when the tipping point is reached and innovation changes everything. In higher education, innovation has not just altered the model, it has changed it forever.

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