A truED partnership with Champlain College Online allows organizations to provide education benefits at no cost to them.

Champlain creates truED Alliances with mid-to-large sized organizations that understand the role higher education plays in remaining competitive, improving employee retention and enhancing recruitment. Champlain's truED program gives your employees and eligible family members access to over 60 online bachelor's, master's and certificate programs in high-growth fields for a significant tuition discount.

Together with our partner organizations, we:

  • Help employees gain both technical and soft skills, increasing their value to your organization
  • Reduce out-of-pocket education costs by providing significantly discounted tuition
  • Stretch your tuition reimbursement budget to serve more employees
  • Develop customizable solutions: map your desired competencies to Champlain's course outcomes

Interested in becoming a truED Partner Organization?

Visit our truED site to learn more., champlain.edu/trued or contact our truED team at trued@champlain.edu