Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations Careers

As network breaches and digital crimes become more prevalent, the need for experienced computer investigation professionals is rapidly growing. To enter the in-demand computer forensics & digital investigation field, you'll need a bachelor's degree to increase both your job prospects and your career potential.

Graduates of Champlain's B.S. in Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation degree program will be equipped with the technical knowledge and subject matter expertise to be successful in the field of computer investigations, and are prepared to work in a variety of settings and industries. These might include mid- to large-sized corporations, crime laboratories, state and national law enforcement agencies, or large municipalities, all of which are seeking highly qualified and experienced digital forensics specialists.

A Career-Focused Degree

In our online computer forensics & digital investigation degree program, you will gain a foundation in key technical skills, and you'll also develop the critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that will make you successful throughout your career. We know how important it is for you to gain knowledge and expertise quickly, and to differentiate yourself both in the workplace and in today's competitive job market, so our online bachelor's in computer forensics degree allows you earn a certificate in a specialization of your choice.

Computer Forensics Career Resources

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