BS in Health Information Technology Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, a graduate with a BS degree in Health Information Technology should be able to:

  • Create and maintain processes, policies and procedures to assure the accuracy and integrity of health data, including the use of networking principles and database design.
  • Assure that information systems provide documentation in the health record that supports the diagnosis and reflects the progress, clinical findings and discharge status.
  • Apply current laws, accreditation, organizational policy and certification standards related to health information initiatives at the national, state, local and facility levels to ensure organizational compliance and effective operations.
  • Create and manage systems and policies regarding the use of clinical data required in reimbursement systems and prospective payment systems (PPS) in healthcare delivery.
  • Use data, and develop systems that facilitate healthcare decision-making: coordinate data collection, collect data, support in interpreting data and report information.
  • Respond to the information needs of internal and external customers throughout the continuum of healthcare services by analyzing, assessing and evaluating needs and then developing appropriate information technology solutions to address them.
  • Enhance health data collection, storage, analysis and reporting of information including end-user hardware and software applications.
  • Achieve interoperability of healthcare information systems through database architecture management.
  • Create and apply data/record storage principles and techniques, including query and report from databases, using data mining techniques, design and generate routine and custom reports.
  • Monitor and enforce security measures to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) and protect data integrity and validity using software or hardware technology.
  • Ensure efficient workflow and achieve project goals through process engineering and project management techniques.