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Graduating student with classmates

How to Find a Job After Graduation

by Sonya Krakoff

Whether someone is looking for a promotion, hoping to change fields, or simply wants a new job at a new company, a degree is often the best way to help them get where they're trying to go. However, once a degree has been completed, there still remains the challenge of actually finding a new role.  READ MORE >>

Group of professionals waiting for job interview

The Top 5 Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2019

by Sonya Krakoff

In an increasingly tight job market, employers are focusing less on the technical capabilities and experience of their job candidates, and more on the soft skills an individual can bring to a role.  While having a foundation of relevant knowledge will be important in most hiring processes, these less tangible, soft skills can be a strong indicator of cultural fit, willingness to learn, and ability to excel in a new organization, and could give you the edge you need to secure a new role. READ MORE >>

Professional woman looking at her smartphone

Increasing Your Career Potential Through Higher Education

by Sonya Krakoff

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, with employers now requiring more experience, more skills, and more education for the jobs they're trying to fill. Obtaining some form of higher education - whether it be an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree, or a certificate - is widely seen as one of the best ways to distinguish yourself and to increase your career potential.  READ MORE >>

People mingling at a networking event

The Importance of Networking

by Sonya Krakoff

No matter what stage of your career you're in, whether you're looking for a new job or happy in your current organization, networking is an incredibly useful tool that can, and should, be practiced by just about everyone. The most effective networking is done consistently, over time, and will have a multitude of benefits at any point in your career. Here are the top reasons you should be networking. READ MORE >>

Coworkers resolving conflict in the workplace

How to Handle and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

by Sonya Krakoff

At some point in your career, especially if you're in a leadership position, you'll find yourself dealing with conflict in the workplace, and will need to find appropriate conflict resolution methods to help improve the situation. Here are some of the best ways to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace. READ MORE >>

Pen, computer, and resume

Writing a Resume When You Have No Relevant Experience

by Heidi Wrighton

If you're considering a career change, you may be wondering how to write a resume when you have no relevant experience. Heidi Wrighton, Assistant Director of Champlain's Career Collaborative, gives her tried and true tips for building a resume that will help you launch your new career. READ MORE >>

Woman in job interviewing explaining the benefits of her online education

Leveraging Your Online Education

by Heidi Wrighton

Many adult learners considering an online degree program have questions about perceptions of their online degree and how they should represent it. Specifically, do employers value an online degree? The quick answer is, yes, they do. Learn more about how to leverage your online education, and how employers will perceive it. READ MORE >>

Job applicants with diverse skillsets

The In-Demand Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2018

by Sonya Krakoff

Today's employers understand the value of both hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal) skills. Curious about which skills are most in-demand with employers? Read on to find out how you can set yourself up for success by expanding your skillset. READ MORE >>

Reminder to send post-job interview followup email

The Dos and Don'ts of the Post-Job Interview Followup Email

by Sonya Krakoff

Although the post-job interview followup email seems like a fairly straightforward step, it's actually one of the places that people get stuck on the most. Here are the things you should keep in mind - and the things you should avoid doing. READ MORE >>

Job Applicant Asking Questions in an Interview

Good Questions to Ask in an Interview to Land the Job 

by Sonya Krakoff

Here are some of the best questions to ask employers during an interview, so that the next time your interviewer closes their notebook and asks, "So, what questions do you have for me?" you won't find yourself floundering for something to say. READ MORE >>

Man greeting interviewer in job interview

7 Body Language Tricks to Crush Your Next Interview 

by Sonya Krakoff

Your body language during an interview can make or break your success: do it right and you will come across as poised, confident - and impressive to your interviewer! Here are the top 7 body language interview tricks to crush your next interview. READ MORE >>

Man researching company before an interview

How to Properly Research a Company Where You're Interviewing

by Sonya Krakoff

When you're applying for, and interviewing for, a new job, one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to do your research. However, you're most likely wondering how to research a company for an interview!  Here are all the things you should know about a company before you go to meet with them. READ MORE >>

Man benchmarking success to increase productivity

How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

by Sonya Krakoff

Are you seeking new strategies for being more efficient, getting more done while you're at work, and managing your task list more effectively? Read on to find out how to increase productivity at work. READ MORE >>

Open book in front of blackboard

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Following Best Practices

by Sonya Krakoff

In today's competitive market, job seekers must have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile to stand out from the competition. Here are our tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile following best practices to help you make the next move in your career.   READ MORE >>

Arrows on carpet

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There

by Mika Nash

For many of us, it is a rare occurrence to be afforded the time to enjoy the satisfaction of an attained goal, let alone to look at the work that preceded it. Yet it is this process - the act of stopping and assessing what we have accomplished and whether we have fulfilled our original intention - that ensures we remain true to our guiding mission.  READ MORE >>

How to Ace a Phone Interview - Phone and Resume

How to Ace a Phone Interview

by Sonya Krakoff

One of the most common steps in any hiring process is the phone interview. However, despite being so prevalent, phone interviews feel daunting to many job searchers. Luckily, it's easy to ace a phone interview if you're prepared - just follow our simple steps to learn what to expect.  READ MORE >>

Woman working on laptop

How To Change Careers At Any Age 

by Sonya Krakoff

There are many valid reasons for wanting to start a new phase in your career, whether they be personal or financial, and any concerns you may have can and should be overcome if you have a real desire to make a change in your life. Finding a new career is a realistic and attainable goal–simply follow our simple steps to figure out how to make a transition happen for yourself.  READ MORE >>

Woman interviewing prospective employee

The Adult Student as Your Prospective Employee

by Mika Nash

Many of the qualities employers value in a prospective employee are present in the adult student simply because it is nearly impossible to avoid meaningful personal growth while navigating the obstacles inherent in pursuing a degree as just one piece of the rest of one's life.  READ MORE >>